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Favcourse works towards making a society of competitive learners, who from their early years have a strong perception of imagination. Being a companion for every learner and anywhere in the world is what drives us to grow, excel and deliver.

We believe in revolutionizing education, building a generation of active learners and in that mission, it enables young talents to be innovative.

How to become a teacher

To get rapid and excellence growth with your career

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Whether you have existing video content or you need help creating your first course, we’ve got you covered. The first thing to do is Sign Up to Become an Instructor

We’ll help you share your knowledge and give you the potential to reach millions of students across the globe. Together, we’ll continue our mission of improving lives through learning.

Benefits of teaching on Favcourse

Gain access to a global student base
As a Favcourse instructor you’ll gain access to millions global students. We have Powerful marketing programs and promotional tools to help you expand your reach. Even before you publish your course, our tools help you identify the topics that are in-demand and guide you on creating relevant course videos for your target students. On Favcourse platform, It’s your choice what course you publish and at what cost you sell but it should be moderate.
Own your content: You can teach anything, except a small list of restricted topics. On Favcourse you create and own your own content, which means you can host the same content elsewhere, and upload your pre-existing content, if you have it.
Be your own boss : We give you an opportunity to connect to students from across the world from the comfort of your home. Creating Favcourse courses gives you the flexibility to teach from anywhere and anytime.
Expand your earning potential: Teaching on Favcourse gives you an additional earning potential. It’s free to create and host a course on Favcourse, and you earn money every time a student buys your course. With Favcourse, you have the flexibility to offer your course for free or for a price you set — plus the option to promote your course with discount pricing. Learn about our Instructor revenue sharing on FAQ page and how you can keep up to 99% of your earnings.
Favcourse does not publish courses on a small number of restricted topics. This subject matter is excluded due to concerns that it is either harmful or offensive to our students, or because it is otherwise inconsistent with the values and spirit of Favcourse.

This list includes:

  1. Sexually explicit content
  2. Content relating to making, handling or using weapons
  3. Content promoting violence or bodily harm
  4. Hate speech or discriminatory language
  5. Content enabling illegal or unethical behaviour
  6. Content that is intentionally misleading or deceptive Content that violates any applicable national law
  7. Harmful or otherwise inappropriate content

    We reserve the right to add to and modify this list at any time. If you see a topic that you believe should not be on the platform, please email

Plan your course

Pre-planning your course is important before you start creating your first course. That way, you’ll have the right context of what you’re going to teach and whom you’re creating your course for.
Choose your topic: You can teach anything, except a small list of restricted topic. We’ll help you identify the topics that are in-demand and guide you on creating relevant courses for your target student.
Identify your target student: It’s important to know who your course is for—it’ll help you identify specific learning objectives for your course and create a course for a specific audience.
Decide your learning objectives and course structure: Pre-deciding the course learning objectives is critical to creating a well-structured course that is relevant to your target student.

Produce your course

Upload your existing content with our bulk uploader feature, or follow our recommended steps for creating a course from start to finish.
Select your equipment and set up your studio: Don’t worry if it’s your first time using audio/video equipment. We’ll help you set up your home studio to optimize your students’ learning experience. Contact our support Team.
Submit a Test Video: This is a free service to get your production basics right before you film your final course videos.
Create and practice your script: Students love passionate and interesting instructors, who keep them engaged. So you’ll create and practice your script to be prepared to keep those energy levels up!
Create and upload your final course video: You’ll upload your final course videos along with any additional student learning materials, as per your preference

Polish your course

At this stage you’ll add the finishing touches to your course before publishing it. You’ll complete tasks like crafting your course summary, creating your course image, completing your instructor bio, setting your course price and checking your course before submitting for one last review.

Publish your course

By this time, you’ll be almost there!
Submit your course for review.:You’ll submit your course for one final review before publishing. Our robust review process helps us maintain a consistent course quality and will help you improve your production quality. So all course videos, existing and new, has to go through our quality review process before it is launched on our platform.
Update and publish your course: The Favcourse Review team will evaluate your final course video and provide feedback if necessary. You’ll make the necessary changes to your course and publish it on our platform.
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